Here’s a small snippet to help prevent users from clicking the submit button more than once. When this happens you can end up with duplicate data, or even multiple charges on the user’s credit card. This trick uses JavaScript, and degrades nicely if JS is turned off.

<input type="submit" value="Place Order"
onclick="if (this.value == 'Place Order') { this.value = 'Please Wait...'; return true;} else return false;">

On some applications it is also a good idea to redirect the user to a success page, instead of just displaying a success message. That way they can’t accidentially refresh their browser and POST the form again. This is complicated if you’re displaying a receipt or similar, where you need the data from the form post to create the success message. You could stuff those values in the session in that case.

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  1. Seb says:

    I had problems trying to get something like this to work, but your example works perfectly.

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