Tonight we had Adam Lehman from Adobe speak to our CFUG about Scorpio. It was very impressive! They’ve truly done an excellent job at making this a ‘must have’ upgrade. The UI tools, server monitoring, image manipulation, presentation generation, the list goes on. It was just one amazing feature after another. And I can finally use var++ to increment a variable! I have been waiting for this since I started using ColdFusion 4.5.

You can find the Scorpio Tour events on Adobe’s website:


  1. Axel says:

    the ecma script operators are going to be soooooo awesome, it’s just one less thing that will hold me back from going back and forth when writing in flex, and coldfusion.

  2. vrushali says:

    I Really help this data for datetime and union oprator thanks

  3. Mayoorathen says:

    Well yeah I just thought about it too.. Once I was writing the code in CFscript try to put var++ and it isn’t working! Then only found out the CF doesn’t support. Thanks.

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